We Partner & Promote

Public relations is the art of connecting an idea with an audience -- and driving the audience to action. 

We do this in many ways, from our knowledge of the new media landscape to the full range of services we offer to our partnership mindset with our clients. Here are a few of our differentiators: 

  • We are generalists by design. We don't specialize in one particular industry, instead bringing insights and successful practices from different professions to benefit others.

  • We work with a limited number of clients. We want our clients to have our undivided attention, to be a vital branch of their businesses, and for our team members to be balanced and fresh every day in the office.  

  • We do not bill by the hour. We work with clients to establish cost-effective monthly retainers or project fees in line with the scope of their needs -- a true partnership and extension of their teams. Never will a client feel like the "clock is running" when needing to talk or meet, or when asking us to take on a new initiative.

Coupled with our foundation of excellent writing and strategic thinking -- we are all former journalists, English and/or communications majors -- we can tell our clients' stories without worrying about the billable hour and truly working in their best interests at all times. We utilize the right outlets at the right time to get the right results... and drive audiences to action. 


Campaign Leadership
Coalition Building
Community Relations
Crisis Communications
Email Marketing
Event Marketing
Grassroots Organization
Consumer Marketing
Media Relations
Social Media
Strategic Planning
Video Production
Web and App Development


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